With all of our excellent productions, we need private support.  The only income the Theatre Department receives is through ticket sales and donations.  Royalties and rental of scripts and orchestral scores for a musical can cost up to $5,000.  When you add the price of production materials, the cost of a musical production can run close to $10,000.   While non-musicals are less expensive, it is easy to spend $2,500 to $5,000 per show by the time a play is ready for performance.   With your much-needed and appreciated help, we will be able to continue to fund departmental needs such as:


  • Production Rights and Script Rental Fees
  • Set Construction Materials (paint, lumber, etc.)
  • Costuming Needs (sewing machine maintenance, material, thread, clothing items, etc.)
  • Sound Equipment (monitors, soundboard, wireless microphones, etc.)
  • Lighting Equipment (fixtures, lighting board, special effect lighting, etc.)
  • Props
  • Makeup & Hair Equipment
  • Various other expenses (publicity, decorations for box office, etc.)


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